Lyrics of „This Time (you won’t make it)“

I hope these lyrics will become obsolete in November 2020. We might not be able to perform this song live before that date. That’s why I will publish them here. Enjoy one of our funky tunes: „This time (you won’t make it)“ SH

This Time (You Won’t Make It)

Verse 1:
Everything you’re tryin‘ is to fool us
‘cause everything you say is nothing but lies.
Every speech, every phrase, every word, every letter is nonsense.
And the only thing we want to know is: Why?

You’re tryin‘ to set our society on fire
By makin‘ us not tell right from wrong
But every attempt to divide us won’t be workin‘
I assure you all it does is makin‘ us strong.

This time you won’t make it
Although you’re tryin‘ to fake it…

Verse 2:
Your boundless inability to govern
Is surpassed by your vast amount of greed.
You have the guts to put your family members in positions
Where they help to lie, to steal, to rip off and cheat.

Some call it pathological narcissism
Others say it´s miserable and vile
Your poorly covert admiration for the KKK
Won´t save your orange ass in your future trial.

You might have rich men in your back who give you money
Like they did the last time so sucessfully.
This time we’ll make our people stay together
No fight, no war, no battle will ever be!