About Us

AKONOLINGA is a Funk and Jazz Band from the Düsseldorf Area.

Wer den Funk der 70er, den Acidjazz der 90er oder den Neosoul von heute mag, wird AKONOLINGA lieben. Mit ihrer bezaubernden Sängerin, deren samtene Stimme die abwechslungsreichen Eigenkompositionen noch ein bisschen heller glitzern lässt, begeistert das jazzig-groovige Best-Ager-Sextett (ja, das eine oder andere graue Haar glänzt da schon mal im Scheinwerferlicht) auch mit stilsicher ausgewählten Coversongs. Lassen Sie sich ein Live-Konzert mit AKONOLINGA nicht entgehen, solange die Band noch ein Geheimtip und auf dem Boden geblieben ist. Oder in ihren eigenen Worten: „Manche nennen sowas Midlife Crisis, doch für uns fühlt sich’s an, als ob’s der heiße Scheiß is´.“

In daylight we are media artists, heating technicians, engineers and doctors. At night we put on our finest clothes, plug in our instruments and get down on it.

Watch out for an AKONOLINGA appearance near you and Keep the Funk Alive!

Tina Jobson


Tina Jobson is a full time Musician, on vocals for Akonolinga.
Her first Band experiences singing Blues and Bluesrock made her hungry and venture out to any kind of Gig she could possibly go, watch and learn at the age of 16.
Soon someone introduced the Bands Tower of Power, FBI, The Breakfast Band, Gonzalez to her and it completely changed the perception of music for her.
Her admiration for groove was born.
When she moved to England in 2014, she started working full time as a singer. Later on also as a Roadie for the legendary rare groove Band Cymande. So she got her Tour experience from all angles on and off stage.
She joined Bands like Sam Kelly’s Station House and Fowokan as a guest singer. She also formed her own Band called Soul Sessions, that was actively gigging until 2019.
More musical input came when she saw the Rumband live. She would always refer to this Band as sunday school, as it was a regular gig she would go watch and learn on sundays. There was no way back after having the opportunity to guest with those talents and beautiful people.
In 2015 she sang with Gregor Hilden & the UK Allstars.
2017 came a great opportunity to work as a backing singer for the legendary Steve Arrington, at the well known 229 Venue and at the Summer Soulstice Festival in London.
When she became a full member of Fowokan start of 2018, she toured England and Germany extensively until she moved back to Germany end 2019.
Since then she got her experience as a session musician in various Bands and loves to collaborate with likeminded musicians.

Eugen Firla

Saxophone, Keyboards, Vocals

Eugen learned to play the clarinet at the age of 8. After 4 years he changed to alto saxophone and was happy to find “his” instrument. At 13 years he played in the famous club Quasimodo, Berlin because his Band GESA won a band contest. After a while he became a member of the JMMH saxophone quartett playing several jazz arrangements of Lenny Niehaus. Eugen joined at age of 17 the big band of bandleader Thomas Käseberg (Cocopelli) playing a lot of jazz standards and performing gigs in the “Ruhrgebiet” area. Later he joined the “Jazz AG” lead by Stefan Mandlburger covering funky tunes of the JB Horns and others. After a creative break to finish his studies, driving his carreer in management and founding a family he started his 2nd phase as musician in 2009. He taught himself how to play funky guitar and saught for some guys to jam with. At the end of the year a sextett was formed performing a handful of gigs in the area of Wuppertal. In this period Eugen discovered writing his own songs. In 2013 he co-founded “Bob Tenex” a funk jazz soul band with sharp horn arrangements. For over 5 years they created new songs, special cover versions of pop songs and performed live in and around Düsseldorf with Eugen as band leader before he joined Akonolinga.

Georg Füngling

Guitar, Trumpet, Flugelhorn

At the age of 8 Georg was deeply inspired by the musical movie „Hair“ from milos forman. Starting piano without success trumpet felt quite natural at the age of 13. Jazz music was already present but methods of systematical training unfortunately collided with his imagination of being cool. Switching to the guitar at the age of 18 a new musical universe suddenly appeared. Early, inaccessible, very different musical influences like Al di Meola, Pat Metheny, George Benson, Dizzy Gillespie, Prince, Blues Brothers, Queen, Toto, Satriani and van Halen and so much more took possession of him one by one. Improving on the instruments learning the musical language is very challenging but satisfying at the same time. The journey continues.

Aleksandar Glisic


One can tell from his name, Glisic descends from a long line of „Glischas“ or translated: „the men with thunder in their hands“. These were the drummers who would in ancient times chase enemies away in panic with their loud drums and cymbals. As far as Aleksandar can remember, all male family members were drummers, mostly in army bands. Aleks instead prefered social distancing and the rather gentle sounds, so it drew him into the woods. Namely into the untouched biosphere reserve of Golija mountain in southern Serbia. After 40 years in harmony with nature on September 12th 2001 he returned to western civilization and quickly adapted to the fast pace of the digital era. But writing countless e-mails and text messages didn’t contribute too much to his satisfaction. Then, almost accidentally, he got hands on his drumming sticks again. And it felt like riding a bike – once you‘ve learned it, you’ll never forget. But he never learned to drum, so the new beginning came quite difficult to him. After a two weeks drumming school at Viersen community college Aleks got rid of this minor problem. Since then he has put a lot of effort into this new hobby. His declared goal ist to become the best drummer he can propably be.

Lars Rosenkranz


Lars was born in 1970 as a working-class child
in the hills of Wuppertal.
He bought his first bass at the age of 16 .
He practised playing bass so hard that his finger start to hurt and smoke came off.
Over the years he was a member of several
bands. The longest time, about 12 years, together with his oldest brother and a nephew Lars sang and played bass with „public rose“ .

His musically influences come from Stanley
Clark , Level 42 , Cameo , Defunkt and many

Sebastian Hentsch

Keyboards, Percussion, Vocals, Guitar

received piano lessons from age seven and got trained singing in school choir, church choirs and gospel choirs. Coming from the Leipzig area and his mother being a church organist Sebastian is familiar with classical music as well, especially by Johann Sebastian Bach. In the 90s he was the lead singer of Seven Simplex, a Funk & Soul band from Leipzig. For over 10 years Sebastian was the musical director and piano player of KITAGO VOICES, a locally famous gospel choir from Leipzig. They were touring all over Germany and Switzerland. During that time Sebastian was the artistic director of successfull gospel music workshops sharing the stage with gospel artists from London and New Orleans.

After moving to Düsseldorf Sebastian played piano with Joyful Voices gospel choir Hilden before becoming one of the founding members of AKONOLINGA Funk & Jazz band

As main influences on his music Sebastian names Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones and Stevie Wonder.

His personal blog can be found here: click!

This is the stuff Sebastian listens to on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7hHFKdIKyFUIX1oZpsSqBn